I think that a lot of computer scientists treat code like some reverent thing that you can't talk about. (It's simply not true.) With the effect that things aren't learned. The best way to learn is to see other code, work with it, learn from it, discuss it, share it freely. I think big companies may suppress knowledge to keep you down and to make sure they have the upper hand. So I want to teach what I can, what I know, in a simple way.

Let's start with C. Let's assume you're on a Windows OS. Right click the desktop, make a new file (New->Text Document), but make the extension .c (explain), rather than .txt. Install cygwin (explain).
Type the following:

#include <stdio.h>
int main()
printf("Hello there, how are you?");
return 0;

Save the file, say, name.c, (explain-- which directory), open cygwin and cd to that directory (explain), and then execute

gcc -o name name.c

And then type and enter


Explanation of code: