Four thousand bits had told the square root of two -
(These five hundred bytes were in that computer, too - )
And these bytes said something to me and you;
They told me that the Unicode had formed some letters so true -
That the ulterior motive had seen through and through -
And once that clear remonstration had been the doom -
And the finality of the situation grew -
And then the people talking to them -
To the people to whom the justification was given -
The situational situation - the constant clue -
Which was the reason for the irrevocable timing of bromothymol blue.


Someone said something across time -
And someone said something in order to refine -
Those flawed, fickle fountains of flukes -
Then the apples of gold shone -
(And the silver fruit sparkled in the light - )
Contained in the house which WAS a tungsten mansion -
The dead fortress from which chlorine gas rose - from the pipes -
So at the exacerbation of this environmental tragedy -
(Which continued for three hundred sixty-five days - )
Once this happened -
from the city there continued to rise -
NO2, SO3, SO2, NO3, CO2 -
And the temperature increased -
And once it did so -

[edit: should be: ]

We all... Thankfully...


[old version]

I felt my afro on fire, a bleached complex pyre.


Frustrated people
They became alerted to the problem,
and became afraid;
And with certitude, they did what they could to fix the problem;
and so the universe continued.


Einstein said, Imagination is better than knowledge.
Franklin said, Well done is better than well said.
Tesla said that the weak are put at the mercy of the strong -
Someone said, the guy with the tall hat has said that the people who justified the finality of the situation could finally compare that the person who told me -
And I stopped him babbling and I said:
Just because they said that doesn't mean -
Finally, the car stopped and he forced me outside onto the highway -
And I said to this person -
Hey, watch out.


Once upon a time there were people -
In a place where existence was held together - now new -
The exemplification of the people who were in all creation made a locution:
(In an aqueous solution.)
The mixture was stirred in and I had told the people who were going there -
(With his voice impaired - )
All of a sudden the clarified solution turned into one of fermentation -
And they were forced to drink -
[And once upon a time they were driven to the brink]
And the certitude of the situation -
Made them all blink.


We were walking around the reticulated copse -
Chopping wood in the place -
Where light was found -
[It became a network of links] -
Shadowed canzones were flickering on a cavern wall -

And the following words were spoken -
[People felt a certain awe]
[El temor de Dios es el principio de sabidurĂ­a]

And when I saw these words, I walked outside and saw the sun setting.
And then green leaves and pink flowers were rising into the heavens
In that scene was described a pictorial idiolect of the place in which light was defined.


(You think that you heard steps five days ago,
And saw a flickering shadow.)
(And saw a flickering shadow)
And you walked across the water -
And jumped into the lake -
Suddenly a flash of lightning -
Wakened you from your place -
Illuminations occurred -
Wherefore the people sitting -
Now were walking to and fro - Could not see anything there -
Except to know to go.



The gravediggers at night - Were in a certain plight - Once upon a time -
Ticking, ticking, ticking -
And several suffering saintly shadows -

(Shades, or specters, or sulfurous fumes; there sapphire-stricken salvias)
Said softly [silver shurikens sped, soaring so]
swiftly, synergetically -

Should be:

[That he who sang sardonically
Was crushed to cracked, clarified, curious cool crystal]


[That the people who were singing sardonically
Were crushed to crying crystal]


Thirty thousand arms attacked the target -
And fifty-four fairy tales -
Shot toward the fortress;
[Those who were afflicted
With waxy flexibility,]
Were frozen in time;
A block of ice at the bottom of the Caspian Sea -
And when the summer came and the lights came -
And the encapsulation came, and -
the ice began to melt -
Out there on Neptune there was an icy-man -
And in the galaxy -
The Andromeda migration became disarrayed;
The Supervoid collapsed;
In the plane -
Impulsive supernovas exploded -
And the stars one by one flickered -
[The sun in all its glory turned to darkness]
[And once upon a white moon the place became a starry galactic frieze]
He said, Pity me, pity me, pity me.


The lysosome said to the mitochondrion,
Give me some work to do.
The mitochondrion replied, The body needs sugar -
[ADP + P + C6H12O6 + 6O2 --> 6CO2 + 6H2O + ATP]
So the lysosome went to the cell membrane, and to the phospholipid bilayer,
And said,
Let me out, I need to tell him.
But the phospholipid bilayer permitted through only those with high-priority access -- and the sodium pumps were inactive;
So, the lysosome went to the nucleus - and said,
I need permission to go outside of the membrane and to the neuron-body -- And tell that neural cell,
Hey, eat some food.
[The nucleus gave him a 24-hour visa]
And asked permission to the brain -
So that when he went to the brain, he found a lone neuron -
And he told the neuron -
Hey, tell the host to eat some food, I need some work to do!
And so the straying neuron went to the hypothalamus -
And said, Hey, tell the host he needs to eat.
And make him say, I feel hungry,
And when he felt hungry,
He ate a tangerine,
And the lysosome told him -- the mitochondrion,
Why are you so lean and mean?


Perfect puppies parking their cars and sitting and biting -
Snapped at the butterflies flitting forward -
Frantically -
The finality of the situation finally told me, because fire-fainting -
Fables fantasized -
[About the phantasm that shouted at him]
Canticles of grief, apparitions of woe -
[All cried woe, all cried woe]
Waiting and waiting for the fleeing boat -
A person who told him so was going to go -
Was going to go -
And finally the people who said to him that were by the chuckling moat -
The chuckling moat -
Twenty miles away;
Told me, Hey, make your grave in such a place, and be sure to do it today;
Do it today -
I tried to find the strength to reply, but garbled language came out of my mouth;
And threw myself in -
Threw myself in -
Without thinking - thinking -
What the consequences would have been -


Ghostly graves speaking in guttural grave voices
Were in a sepulcher, a catacomb, that was in a place filled with gangrene.
[The place of power particularly plucked a page of planes of public pedestrians]
And made sure they could not exit from within.


Once upon a time he was programming -
Software dev. on the machine -
It was one o clock A.M.
And my eyes were focused on the screen -
And I had told the music minstrel -
To quiet down a bit -
Two o' clock A.M. occurred; my teammate came around -
He said, You're looking sick.

He asked me, How's security?
I said, Well, not a frown.
The new MyDoom had attacked -
And the computers - then - had crashed -
The people who were CLIENTS -
Had revived at last -
Had revived at last -
But I tell you this, yes, clear and loud:
Thereto, I will not go back.



[Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet]
A friend said, Red.
I asked him, What does Red mean?
He said, Red means blood, war, death, dispute;
I asked him, And Orange?
He said, Citrus fruit.
So then, I said, Yellow?
He said, The rising sun;
I challenged him, Blue?
He said, The emotion of men;
I shouted at him, Indigo?
He said, A passionate friend;
I roared at him, And Violet?
He whispered, A tired one who pretends - "

(And the bronze bowl broken) - the broken, battered, bioluminescence -
And the cracked crystal (a clear chorale) through the vocal cords -
Of people who were voicing the opinion of those who always had said -
That the people who experienced a certain stretch of dread -
And then the people who told them so -
(Let him know)


The funny flavonoid was talking to me again -
And told me that the chloroplast was malfunctioning -
And then said to me, What are you doing?
[And I told him, I needed a refill on chlorophyll]
And then once I told him that -
He went to the local grocery store -
And bought some chlorophyll from the place,
And I told him, the thing that was necessary was a photon emission of grace.


[My favorite flea had jumped on top of the Empire State Building]
And then it shouted to the world -
The furious flower fainted from the fatuous emblem of the place that made festoons of flossed flowers -
And let me eat tomatoes' carotenoids -
Once the final furious flower had done so -
It froze to finalize the folding fauvists.
The furious flower fainted -
And once upon a time - I had told people - people had told something - to me -
The truth.


Please let me through, for six hundred days;
I'm tired, you're fired, and we're out in a haze;
The days, they are nights, and the nights, they are days;
Do not leave me here, please; and please do not graze.

Please let me in, please see me through;
For I'm here and I'm here, and you're true, true, true.
But one thing I had said, and one thing I knew
Was that irrevocable timing, as I said, of bromothymol blue.

So the shouters and fighters and people of lands
Came with Thompsons charging, and made their own bands
And wondered, and wondered, and wondered where they
Belonged on the earth of the terrible grey

And finally, and finally, and finally we see
(That never could ever could tether and be)
The sustenance for the bright feather I flee
From the one who is always there looking at me.


I'm tired, I'm tired, I'm tired, he sang -
And ever could never could ever be trained -
To the ghosts of the magical specialized lane -
That express-way'd you there to the quantified Reign.
And once it had happened, and once that we saw -
(That never had happened, but once in an awe)
That the bluish o'ertakements, the same that Green saw -
Was never - no, never - no, never - the same.


I cried   -   well, I tried   -   but my stomach would not;
It seemed so, at least; for my emotions had flopped;
And so once when the horrified, horrified dread
(Which horribly wrenched away a horrendous lead)
From the bottom of the up-side-down jolt of the mind
You could find - in a field, or a marsh, or a mine;
In the place of the sad, or the place of the mad, or the place of the dead;
Everything that seemed to connect (from my head),
Everything that seemed to connect what had dined -
On my mind, on my mind - for several earthtimes;
And once when the apparition had stood -
And shouted, and doubted, and put on its hood;
It screamed to the earth, to the hills, to the plains -
Whatever, you ever, you ever, you feigned,
Whatever! I say, you better, you better know this:
The quantified, qualified, quercetin sane.


OKAY I'M TIRED! he said,
Not forgetting a word;
I WANT TO GO HOME! he cried,
( - To be seen and not heard;)
LEAVE ME ALONE! he shouted,
(When the voices said why;)
PLEASE GO AWAY! he whispered,
When the crunches were bade.


Crying, howling, moaning winds
Stood on the end of the world, and a din
A din that we heard, that was so far away
And yet here it was quiet, as the world continued at a min;
I just wanted to throw myself over and to be done;
But the voice that had won, the voice that had won
Was telling me I could run, I could run, I could run --


Shouted, Why? Why? Why? (A funeral is in the sky.)
Why? Why? Why? (Please tell me why.)
Why? Why? Why? (I do not want to die.)
Why? Why? Why? (Please let me cry.)
Why? Why? Why? (Let me grow wings and fly.)
Why? Why? Why? (Goodbye, friend, goodbye.)
(he shouted to the entire universe, so that the entire universe, and all that existed, could hear him - WHY?)



That moaning zephyr whipped across the night sky
And on it flew a starry blue-green-and-red nebula, which you descried.
It soared down to meet you on the snowy land, and it hovered in front of your face and sang:
I once traveled to the triangular galaxy, and there observed
A starry spatial net, with a person trapped inside;
And I told him he could have his wish and return to earth
If he answered just three questions of mine.

The first question I asked him was simple: Am I so bright that the Seven Sisters cannot see me?
He replied: The question is rather, are the Seven Sisters so bright that you are not seen at all?
Offended, but intrigued, I asked him the second question: If you think you're so smart, what caused my
previous form's existence?
He said mildly: Word.
And becoming unnerved, and changing plans, I threw a command at him: Undo those links of the Pleiades.
At this, he asserted, I cannot do that. No man can; only God can; so you should float past and converse with
the local pulsars; and before you do, free me.
And so I did, and here I remain, speaking to men, trapped in space, until I am freed by Gods grace.


A woman giggled and laughed,
And fevered cogitations surrounded her brain stem;
But she laughed and laughed,
And so walked right through them.


Two hundred green fireflies in a night field
Blinked and flew around a sea of gold.
The majesty that kept me there
Told my heart, going once, going twice, then sold.


There exists inside your head
The subconscious dreams in sleep
And there exists inside your dreams
The melody we weep.

There exists inside the song
The words of every phrase
Which when uttered tell yourself
The heart's anticlinal age.

And there exists inside those words
The meaning in your heart,
and therein do we wit ourselves:
To bow heads and depart.


I shine in darkened dungeons,
Not all have glimpsed of me;
(And even those sea sponges
Laugh at his want of me.)

When I note them at the mart,
Where traders beck and call;
I do determine and can spot
The fool's unpleasant fall.


I have married a woman, and so if you'll excuse me.
So I turned to the monarch of Saudi Arabia, and he said:
Leave my presence, you dog, I have a land to rule.
So I turned to the matronly Queen of Frostland, and she said:
Go bother your friends, you flea, there are decisions I must make for me.
I went to the coworkers, who had no ears for my words,
But when I invited them in, they laughed and shook their heads, and closed their doors.

Then I turned to my best friend of ten years.
And he said nothing, but turned away.
And it hurt me more than anything else I have told you today.

My mother-in-law told my brother-in-law,
Why did she marry him?
My brother-in-law told my mother-in-law,
Because he looks so grim.

Spank! The child bit his lips.
Spank again! A tear slid down his face.
Spank again again! he said, Okay, okay!
Please give me an embrace.



Coalesced molecules of dihydrogen monoxide were in his hands;
Unfathomably, he shot torrents of protiated water
To fill the Aral Sea;
Men came and went, and drank freely.
But someone poisoned the lake with deuterium -
And people became afflicted with sterility -
And then men tritiated the water, and the pool groaned, sick;
It vomited its contents into Kazakhstan, in Esik;
Then the remainder of the water flew toward the sky;
On its journey, it condensed, and again became refined.

I was walking at midnight by a solid-blue lake
(And the birds and the roses had found quiet and shade)
And I wanted more drama, but none came to me
(In the darkest dungeon by the stormiest wake)

And I hated myself because I was so desperate,
So desperate, I say, for meaning not there --
Throwing myself at her who rejected me and all my prayer.

A kiss of a girl and a breath of a cry
Called out to me and I asked God why.
And everyone who told me, and everyone who said
You're better off without her, and let her out of your head

I ignored because I wanted, I hoped and I dreamed
For her to come with me, wherever she were;
And months and months rolled by and I want her to be
Safe, and secure, and warm, without fear.

Please don't hurt me anymore--
(I love her so; do you love me now?)
I would love to tell you my love
(Don't tell me why)

(the snow was quietly falling from the sky)
(and I think of all the reasons why)
(and I hope I am really moving on)
(and I hope she lets me sing this song)
(because once when you are old and gray)
(and turn back to me, and to me say)
(and ask me why I loved you so long)
(I'll say it was in order to sing this song)

(version 1)

I remember when the sky was black, and the trees dark green; When consternations plagued me, at age __.

With ease can I evoke sleepless nights,
Which entailed thirst, anxiety, prefixing deprivation of rest,
Starvation nigh, culminating in near-death;

Though afterward, it is recorded in my mind
How God dragged me up out of that pit to which I had been assigned.

I remember when I ate my last meal,
And I remember then fate had been sealed;
I have a dim recollection
Of manic protection;
A blurred reminiscence
Of implicit forces in the distance -

Dimly I recall
Scribbling sounds of someone's scrawl
So vivid then, now to me seem
Faded, as cliffs eroded by leaden streams

Forcibly I surrender
My thoughts so that they render
Up images of dark blue edifices
And as I stared up at those precipices
I thought, This land I name Lepidus;
So it is in which I walk and breathe;
As these erections are, so they impact their habitants;
Cold, and bleak, and gray, and silent;

And at that point it came to my ears an overhead crash,
And raising my head, I saw that it had begun to storm and flash;
And harshly, drops poured from the sky; dark nimbi drained
As if no more would they contain
The grief and pity and woe they imbibed
And when lightning flickered, it happened -- to my horror,
And inexorably, my eyes were bribed
To the myriads of cold structures, which appeared as a dead coral sea
Which wept from pain, tears sliding down their sides of filigree.

(version 2)

When the sky was black, and trees dark green -
When consternations fell as plagues, in the age of sheen -

(With ease were evoked the nights of unrest)
And associated thirst, anxiety, and stress - )
(All the facets of near-death)

(Dimly recorded in your mind appears to be)
Him who dragged you out of a pit - to you, originally, assigned -)

(And dim recollections
Of manic protections) -
(A blurred reminiscence -
implicit forces, distant -

Dimly you recall
Scribbling sounds of someone's scrawl
So vivid then, now seem to be
Faded - cliffs eroded by leaden streams -

And forcibly you surrender
All thoughts so that they render
Up images of dark blue edifices
(And as you stared up at those precipices,
You thought, This land I name Lepidus;
So it is in which I walk and breathe;
As these erections are, so they impact their habitants;
Cold, and bleak, and gray, and silent;

And at that point it came to your ears an overhead crash,
And lifting your eyes, you saw that it had begun to storm and flash;
And harshly, drops poured from the sky; dark nimbi drained
As if no more would they contain
All grief and pity and woe they imbibed
And when lightning flickered, it happened to your horror,
And inexorably, your eyes were bribed
To the myriads of cold structures, which appeared as a dead coral sea
Which wept from pain, tears sliding down their sides of filigree.

We have twenty seconds left, and for all my skill and all my sweat
I'm here defusing this bomb, and I hope I really have nothing to regret.
My partner said, Cut first the blue, and then the red wire.
Are you sure? That could really, eh, backfire. After all, there are sixty-four.
Yes! he said vehemently. Convert the 8-byte passcode we obtained
To 2's complement, then NOT it, then the bits that are one will be cut in twain.

Now there are ten seconds left, and my hands are shaking
I whispered, Please don't let this be ground-breaking,
And hesitating no longer, I screwed myself up and snipped the blue cord, then the red,
And waiting with my eyes shut -- an eternity of dread,
Which by and by gave way to something like relief;
I peeped over at my partner, whose shoulders shook with belief
Though in me or in himself, still remains a motif.

I walked through a wheat field and plucked up a wheat stalk
And with it wiped the tears off her face -
Then took her in an embrace;
Little did we know, someone would overthrow
Our untimely match.


Hey - a crisis is occurring in Mali -
Where righteous have fallen;
So take administrative action -
Get over there -
Make sure your country has someone to serve
Because until the solution is apprehended...
The uncomfortable situation may be born again in the world.

Deaf to Deaf.
In Baltimore, his hearing was impaired.
So he said to the one closest by,
Can you give me some sign language which I can read?
The old man peered at him and said nothing -
Little did the first man know, that he was also deaf.
But he took it as an insult, being accustomed to positive treatment -
And then took it personally, and started shouting abuse at the second man.
But the second man laughed and laughed, for he heard not a word.
Then the first man started being self-piteous and weeping for himself;
Onlookers watched him in repugnance;
Suddenly, steam came out of his ears, and he melted into a solution of ammonia;
And the rains rapidly came, and upon the contact of this nitrous acid with that solution
The reaction burst into salts and water.

A tardigrade shouted at a polar bear,
"Let's go!"
The polar bear sniggered, snorted, and roared, and so
The fight occurred -
But it occurred in space, close to Io;
The polar bear got thirsty, and called, "Time out! I need a drink,"
But then suddenly stiffened, was crushed, and died -
And the tardigrade gravitated toward Jupiter, where it sighed.

Yesterday, someone said something that made me laugh.
But it wasn't the kind of statement that made me graph
Certain data in my head, or write an epitaph
On a mental tombstone, or otherwise a memorial;
It somehow translated the joy from the rhetorical.
And then he said: How does one
Discern between the wise and the fool?
I said, I guess it's the difference between eating chocolate versus gruel.

Toasted marshmallows, lemon squeezy.
It's funny that I can even breathe easy;
Some dummy told me I was the square root of two;
And I told him he was a FIFO queue.
To which he replied, though, that he knew me too well;
Because he had analyzed all my nerve cells.
I said, tisk tisk, you're a bit smarter than the rest of the classificate,
But you can't explain how you can trust what your eyes and your eardrums
Send to your cerebrum, that cerebrates.
He laughed aloud at that, and said:
Once I get my whole brain emulation dissertation complete, that won't be a problem.
I said, you'll never be able to upload a mind, until we fully understand the entanglement of a quantum.

And so we argued and shouted, all through the night;
And the neighbors got offended, but what was to them stale, made us excite.
The more restless they became, the more our voices raised;
The more our frustrations peaked;
And then silence happened for about three weeks;
For our disagreement was so sharp, that we parted ways;
Pity, because our neighbors seemed unfazed.

You're walking through a shadowland
Of fairy tales, and magic plans.
But then your eyes alighted upon
A sword, a staff, and an enchanted wand.
And then you considered:
"Well, if I take the sword, I can kill a beast;
But what if I am the very weakest and least?"
And so then you turned to the staff, and said:
"This makes me feel wiser and older than I am, and so
It would not be appropriate to acquire this stick, except to help me go."
And then you finally turned to the wand, and thought:
"This gizmo here, what does it do?"
And you picked it up, and for a moment, from that, you construed
A scene before your eyes in which you had everything you ever painfully wished;
And you momentarily realized why fascinating, terrifying, and horrifying things happen, and expire;
Why sometimes hopes fade, and crumble, as a funeral pyre.
Because, now and again, pain makes us move when we don't want to leave,
And it happens that suffering is our proof, when we wish not to be set free.
Therefore, put down the wand, and come back to what is real,
Because you'll need to stick to what you know, and not just what you feel.

[A man looked out into the sky]
[And at night he saw all the stars]
[In a forest, by himself, before morning came nigh]
[And the world around him became locked with bars]
[And so he cried out to the heavens to hear his dim story]
[But the heavens merely watched him and did not give respondence]
[And in the depths of the earth, in the fire-quarry]
[He called for it to awaken and erase his despondence]
[But the magma rolled and pulsed and did not hearken his supplication]
[And so he finally turned to the edge and with a deep breath]
[Took the final step into a murky death]

Up past the misty mountains...
But across the sea...
There is a solitudinous place of ease
(Merely behind the trees)
And if you'd like, you can come with me
(Just after the midnight breeze)
And when you arrive here, I humbly ask
(Please hug and kiss me, Brittny.)

One, two, three, four
(Come here with the poor)
Five, six, seven, eight
(Don't you dare abominate)
Nine, ten, eleven, twelve
(Put your feelings on the shelves)
Thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen
(Say the words to set me free)

We want to go and be --
In a place -- where you meet me.

All that imputes you and me

When I saw a demoiselle praying
(Just once I would like to see)
You defied my pensivities upon my inquiry -
All that imputed you to me.

My love, if you examine any emerald pin in our conifery,
(Scrutinize! and see! - my name inscribed on such a leaf - )
Then realize my needle, destined to make you free... from
All that imputed you to me.

And as you descend viridian heights - delicately avoiding black lightning bolts with ease -
Sweetheart, if you reach the deepest heart of my deep, blue ravine
(Though dead winds and vague nimbi are calling for you to sea; don't disembark here; please, don't leave. )
Declare to the trees, and call to the birds; cry to the heavens, and raise your voice to all the naturaleze,
(Don't forget about me - Don't forget about...
All which imputes you and me. )

Delicate Brittny, though my missive may not necessitate words all these -
Woman, if you go to the darkest basin in that verdant midnight gleam -
(Where dreamy drops of water slide as tears down trunks of trees - )
And if you dabble in the pond, through an icy moonlight freeze
You will see my face reflecting yours - crying,
All which still now imputes you with me.

[From Feb 23, 2019]

Most Beautiful Brittny

A fiery pit of doom ...
A song that made me swoon...
When I thought of you
Marrying me
And then we found that we loved each other
for such a long time -
No longer do I wish to die -
Because I know I can be with you -
Most beautiful Brittny.

We know each other -

Tell me once again-
a reason why you love me-
and when you listen closely-
I can hear you saying -
To me -
Brittny -
I love you.

And though it's a whisper, it sounded dead-cold
And though a mystery, we whispered our souls
To a place and a time where we found our own molds
In a quiet chalice of a terrible world
And though upon sleeping we could finally see
That once upon a waking, and once upon a glee
We could finally, finally, finally meet
You and me, Brittny, together to be
What no one else, could ever, could ever be.

A song, a kiss, a cry, our rights -
Our delight -
Wishing and wishing the past to come here and say
I ever told ever told ever again
That she kissed me, and she said, I kissed him,
And when our lips met I wondered and wondered and wondered the same
- Feeling, and feeling, and feeling, her pain.

Tickle me blue and let me see inside you
Because I know that your mood is as an indigo hue
And your indigo hue matches the eternal imbued
Character of my own saddened review;
And wish me pink, and I'll tickle your cheek
As we embrace and create a tentative figure of eight
But before you glaciate, Brittny, let's wed
And consummate - And procreate - And motivate - Don't vacillate - but we can sophisticate - and regenerate - And perpetuate - our incarnates.

Smile when I say - I love you -
And weep when I weep -
And love me back -
And ask me why -
It has to be this way -
And I will tell you -
Quietly, as I sing this song -
(It's because I love you)

Kissing magic

And once upon a time, we were there.

From Feb 2019

Once I dropped a feather
Onto a horizontal brick wall
(And kissed Brittny's hair-feathers
As she kissed me in a clear hall)

And when we stared one to another
(Knowing the other well)
She said, "Do you love me?"
And I said, "Wherever you dwell."

From the highest heaven to the deepest faint dell,
I'll love you forever; there's no changing my mind
For Brittny is beautiful and what we now know
Is that no one else shares the position she holds...

And finalization of remonstration
Allows you to see
A quietude in the distance
Obscure, previously -
This image on my retinas -
(It's easy to see)
Is of you and I, Brittny -
(Proximal concurrently.)

Quickly quote a crying canticle:
(An ode for you and me.)
And swiftly inscribe the successive sounds:
(Undying Brittny-love.)
Tickle your script with these textual tips -
(A goal for you and me.)
Now engrave this on your parchment, and cut out these following slips -
(My resplendent Brittny-dove -- of above.)

Once when juggling jobs to do
I observed (from afar) a fight -
And noted that those two men strove
To collect the same delight;

So I find that Brittny is the one
(For whom my soul has longed)
Waiting here upon the stars
Where intelli-magic emits its song -

And sparkling refined crystal sand
Is in the power of my hand;
We understand that Brittny is delicate, exquisite, lovely, and statuesque.
And to mention with supple flesh;
I dreamed of dreamy dragons to slay
And finally (with a hooray)
A garden full of nothing but
The only one who I would like to touch
When in the orchard, alone, at night
Whisper the following words in this plight:
I love you always, and always will
So: Brittny: love me now; I love you still.


Summery Brittny

[The summer sun was shining at night
When it was simply Brittny and I standing in an empty lot
(And standing trains guarded us from the outside world)
In this partially romantic scene we see]
A place where you and I can be
Together, together, together, free.
Together, together, together, Brittny, you and me.
Brittny, please be with me.

From March 1, 2019

Brittny has a beautiful coiffure.
I know who you are.
(Your tantalizing gaze)
[You want to amaze]
Perfume to procure
To add a layer of glaze;
(If I could use the phrase
"Lend me a sample of your DNA polymerase;
I want you in me, and then to be DNA-methylated;
To draw your histones, which will undergo modification;
So that you're in me, and I in you.

Brittny, I love you -- yes, even you! -- you're a mystic jewel, my renewal, biofuel.

From Mar 2019

A snowy flake falls from the sky -
(Hexagonal limpid structures which do not comply)
With only seventy-seven of my sweetest icicles;
(I caught it in my hand and examined the six tips)

You - Lift your face to the gray heavens and ask:
Fathom twenty clouds that drift (solemnly) by -
(They're watching the proceedings below;
While our macrocosm imparts to us a memorandum - )

But if we were to auscultate the cosmos - for a mere interval -
Then would we comprehend its intelligence;
Still, most of us, maintaining reciprocal struggles, attend not -
So plateaus groan as long as seascapes sigh;

(Scanning the ice-point in my palm (to liquefy) -
[Quivered - melted - sobbed - cried]
A life of its own, but never asked why;
It never, had ever, had ever, asked why.)

Reel yourself in; here we come back to actuality -
Being not over yet: Give us a chance to breathe.

From Mar 5, 2019

So now pause and think -
(Next time you go to the brook and drink) -
Which of you had ever asserted
The time and place of such a spectacle
After your energies had been converted
From ominous to pure;
[So I crept down a dungeon vestibule
And listened to the guards' dialogue;
Waiting for a small hint to acquire
My life's epilogue -

I picked the lock, and cut free the hawk
Which possessed, tied to its leg, the crucial message;
And with shaking hands unraveled the scroll
And read the following presage:

Find me either in the deepest oubliette or the highest empyrean vault;
(In this ethereal stronghold)
I'll impel a self-made statuette -
(And even throw on a blindfold;)
--Perhaps hurl down purple lightning bolts;

I told the hawk to tell her closely
My response so grim;
"I always loved you, and loved you again
[To the deepest affectation]
But knowing that you want to hear that, let me simply persist:
'Here' is at hand; (and 'There' we know exists) -
A wandering gaze, and a touch of a hand: The smile of a crying tantalization."]

And then I looked up and the hawk beadily stared
At me with sharp yellow eye;
Then fluttering its wings, now flying in air
And launched itself through the window, into the sky --

I watched it go and to myself privately thought
Hawks one of the most beautiful beasts which God ever wrought.

What Brittny is

Brittny is a beautiful, feathered, soft, indigo bunting.

My Eternal Home

I wish that you know, dearest friends -
That you, yourselves, are not in isolation...
And I want you to know, cherished gems --
a riddle and an osculation:

First a dark saying, to electrify the mind;
And then the kiss, to titillate the heart;
And once upon a falling star, -- Throw me a minus sign;
You linger here on earth; and I'll...
venture to impress you with abstract art;

I once lived in the core of Jupiter; and inured myself to the -- glacial --

It transpired yesterday, after my initial -- appraisal --

That Ganymede decided to exit orbit about -
this remote sanctum in which I roam;
So I hopped aboard and was induced to Earth --
And in an undertone --
I heard them talking to me;
From their angelic thrones;
Voices whispering sayings for me -
To come to be their own;
But I resisted and fled from phantoms -
Which haunted my nerves and bones;
Thus always bolting southward...
To my eternal home.

I entered a quiet and dark place
Called the glade of the beauty called Brittny
yet she was sad and cold, and absent from that space
Singing sad songs of the free

I waited there for one hundred-some days
And finally a tear
Dropped from my left eye onto the grass -
And there I saw a plant -- appear --

And to my astonished gaze I found -
the plant was growing so fast before my eyes -
And it grew to my height and it bore a fruit -
Offering it to me - right before my eyes -

I plucked off the fruit with trembling hand -
And bit into its beautiful flesh -
And now as I cry and I call to you, woman --
I love you even to death.

Tell me what happened.
[I felt as if I were drowning in a pool of hydrofluoric acid]
[You dealt with him as if he were expounding upon the rule of historic passage]
And then I found a person who tripped upon a rock
[And his ghost raised him up to flip him off the block]
But he flew away and floated by to avoid the aftershock:
I always wondered what became of the fauna flock...

The Ebony Hour

At the obscure, ebony hour -
A black stiletto flashed and disappeared into a pool of water
Whose surface, glazed with white crystal
Had broken into four million shards of divisible
Ice - and then they rearranged themselves to form
A fiery, synergetic, blade -- an aerial pyrosome -
And from my voice - (Into the clearing trod I) - at my call -
They sped off on a journey, north, to raid -
Someone whose chronology faintly existed -
Somewhere on the surface of a fluorescent, spheroid, cyan rondure - corrected, repeated, and resisted]
Where the stars twinkled dimly -
On the way, my lancet caused the grass to ignite -
And when the world is aflame, reiterate the seriate remark:

(Your home is silent here)

You walked away from the planet and headed east toward Mars -
[You wanted to grab a salad and some chocolate bars] -
But the sunshine was glowing and you were already late -
So you decided to roll the dice of fate -

So you took a deep breath and rolled the cubes on the clouds -
And it happened to be that you got what you vowed -
You became silent and teleported to Neptune -
(A place where ever rage the quiet typhoons)

From May 2019

River of Tears

how strange that I found myself here...
In a river of tears
And stars --
Stars --
Are rolling in mirrors.

Pink Shadow of Grace

I thought of all the ways to say hello
so I stood up on my feet and tippy-toed
across to the pink shadow of grace
And I took a deep breath and --
Fell on my face.

The Quark

Say goodbye to the sun,
and say goodbye -- that you're done --
For whoever it is, knows you no more --
Once you're out of the one, the place and the quark.

Indeed have I

Indeed have I loved her so long -
To be honest with you, I love her pure song -
Like a bird in the night which takes off in flight -
Like a paper fowl which calls out for heavenly light -
Like a singing woman who wanders the night -
Looking and searching for rapturous white -
Seeking and scouting for zenithlike heights -
Brittny, an ultrablue perilous light -
Brittny, a beautiful, blinding, bright sight -
Brittny, a dove on the shore by starlight -
Brittny, what tongue can recite -
The passion in me which you love to ignite ...

Icicle Scythes

(I stared at your face and a tear rolled down your cheek)
(But the tear was blue and it lulled me to sleep)
(But before it did, it turned to ice)
(And it shattered on the forest floor into five million shards)
(And I picked up a crystal and I placed it in your palm)
(You don't need to stab me with a glacier knife - )
(Because, frostfrozen princess - we have here icicle scythes)

(loved her -- kissed her --)
We became the best of friends;
(called her -- missed her)
-- But where have gone the winter wrens?

(saw her -- fixed her)
We grew up and sought our trends --
(blessed her -- blissed her)
-- But I adjure you -- where are now the winter wrens?

(tended her -- healed her)
We grew old and died and began to mend --
(passed her -- mourned her)
--But swear and say truth -- where have gone the winter wrens?

I sought solitude

I sought solitude yesterday -
and called to the ravens which flew in dim black night
(They launched from dark peaks and gray mountain heights - )
(They flew in dawn and dusk in mourning flights - )
The lilies of earth hummed and sang, burning bright -
Orange tigers and black leopards slunk into the fray -
Chasing bugs and butterflies and flies of May -

I sought isolation today -
To lay in the sun where no one had run -
And in a twilight green field of the dewy, wild grass
Hearing the birds talk and the insects smile and laugh
Feeling the wet, blue hurricanes brew from afar -

I seek quiet tomorrow -
Away from where the hateful empires roar -
And away from where the menacing nations threaten and rage and war -
Here in this paradise of calm, of silence, of contour -

I seek seclusion here.


From June 2019

Brittny -- you are like -- a wandering dove in a desert -
Or an eagle that flies with its feathers ruffled by wind -
And you seek out every scorning thing below -
And every time you find a pretty bee -
You greet it --

And I want to tell you -
That your voice is heard -
Miles and miles and miles away -
Wherever you are -
Attuned to the sound of your melodious call -
Is my patiently waiting tune -

The song of waiting - and waiting -
And waiting.


What have I done? Five hundred days --
"We're out in a haze" --
I want you to know -
Today is the day -
I find out a way -
Five hundred days.


Come with me

Brittny, wherever you are.
I hope you are reading this poem
Because out of all the women in the entire universe
You are the only one -
Brittny, you are the only one -
Brittny, Brittny, Brittny -
To me -

I wait for you and I think of all the things that we could be -

And I dream of us -
Fishing together -
And hiking together -
And talking together -
And serving each other -
And helping each other -
And loving each other -
And being alone together -
            I want you to follow me wherever I go -
            I want you, Brittny, to love me, and to be devoted to me -
            Brittny, I want you.

I will give you the world if you just give me your heart -

I will love you - the only woman to me -

I will love you -

I will love you -

I will love you -

Forever -
To the ends of the earth -
To the ends of the universe -
I want there to be between us -
A bond which cannot be broken -
A bond of love -

And Brittny - I want you to come with me -

                      COME WITH ME -

Oh, Brittny, please - please - please -

                          Come with me.


The rain was falling,
the waters had frozen to ice,
and there was mist in the air.

What's the password?
The password is 'ultramarine blue.'
What's the password?
The password is "Chuckle and wait for places for you."
What's the password?
The password is "Ferries and ocean water made new."
What's the password?
The password, my dearest friend, is -


On the seven hundredth day, we can understand -
That the plan is a place that understood the time -
Once upon a time -
We dined on -
Cuisine divine.


A realization in an aqueous solution -
Once told me -
A blue horizon on a distant sunset -
He said, Why are you doing that?
And I looked at him and said,
"My friend... it's magical."


Seventy-two icicles said to my dreams at night -
That there was hope -
And there was light -
I waited for the azure blue to overtake me -
But instead -
It overtook you -
Now here I am -
And waiting for -
The ...



Once upon a time there was a person who said ...

the thing you began to dread -
Seems to be watching you from inside your head -
And then you see -
Disturbed - - - -



Falling Skies

And then we realize -
That people were falling -
Falling -

From the ........

                      S            K            I            E             S


I think all about the places that were -
And a few that suddenly jumped -
And people who wondered about that deed -
Kept moving to and fro -

And we wonder about everything that meant -
And everyone who said -
And thinking about all the places -
That everyone had led.


Chuckling people wanted to see
What it was -

And then we see what you had done -
When fireflies could go "Bye-bye!"

And then once upon a time we see -
The place of freedom - Just in case -
Happy people thinking about this -
We can go through and fly.


(He was hopelessly sentimental -
And babbled across the lot -
He thought about the person -
Who fire - fire - thought -

And now we understand -
Once upon a time -

There were people jumping around -
And now we see them die fly.


Hahaha, he said -
Bugs were in my head!
Hahaha, he said -
Bugs were in the realm of the dead.


The people who were laughing -
Said the person who had laughed -
Who was the person who had said that -
Had said that you are tracked.


Because the sun no longer shines here,
And the stars have turned to darkness,
And the moon has faded away.


Tell me what you meant...
When you said --
Goodbye --
Because I meant -- a greeting - you exquisite, gossamer, delicate, holy beauty -
Hello -- Hi, Hi, ... Hi.


Just tell me one thing

Just tell me one thing.
Are you with me or not?
Because when you wear bling
Your heart shines [too] -- with five hundred watts ...

And when I hear your voice through spiritual space -
And when I kiss you through the air -
I feel and have a glimpse of your grace -
And keenly perceive - your sweetness so fair -

I slept in the dark - not knowing my place -
Feeling my way - through mansions and fate -
I sensed your presence - residing in an empty plaza.

And I walked up to you and I tried to touch your pale face -
But my hand simply swept through your palatable pate -
And a blue tear trickled down your white cheek -
and you fell into my bosom and entered my heart -

I search for you everywhere -
From the depths of the ocean to the top of the skies -
I know where you are, and I know where you'll die -
Forever be free, forever be mine -
Brittny to be, Brittny to fly -
Brittny to be, Brittny - be mine.


She sang as a bird

She sang as a bird -
I said, C sharp.
And she sang melodious words -
Like a kiss on my heart -

And she looked at me with a gaze which entered my soul -
And she cried with me with such pain that weathered my scroll -
Brittny, a woman whose voice is the tinkling of myriads of silver bells -
Your voice contains the beauty of a thousand shining silver wind chimes -
Your eyes like pure doves - your hair like a radiant garment of silk -
Your body which is so tender, beautiful, fragile, and delicate - your skin like milk -
And your hair black like a raven in the night of judgment, darkness, and woe -
Your dark hair shining with hope -
Your voice unique as a crystal mirror with seven golden notes and made of seven rare stones -
Please look at me again, and say to me, that you love me.
I know you know my name.
Please tell me - please tell me - please tell me - that -
You love me.
Your spirit resides inside my soul -
And for all the misty, magical despairs told -
And for all the quiet, weeping hearts searching for gold -
And for all the frustration, confusion and despair in the world -
I know that you are somewhere here -
Somewhere here -
Somewhere here -
Give me a chance.
Open your heart to me.
Give me your love.
You are the only one - to me.
Look into my eyes and look into my soul
And see all the sleeping sadness and the sleeping woes and the sleeping, loving thoughts I have had -
Of you -
And all the gorgeous, terrible love I have had -
For you -
And all the passionate, quiet, consuming passion-fire I have had -
For you -

For you -

For you -

And kiss me every day and every night.
Don't let me go -- out of your sight.
I won't let you leave -- my holy habitation -
Because, Brittny -- I hope you won't want to.

I'll be your protector, I'll be your shield -
Just be my subjected, and be my field -
Be my garden and be my young plant -
Be my beloved and be my continual chant -
Be my Brittny, be my desire -
Be my quickening, be my passionfire -

Be her who kisses me on the lips -
And says, "Well done! my beautiful husband," -
Be her who righteously gives me a hug -
And weeps her heart into my shoulder and soul -

When I see you every day -
When I see you every day -
When I see you every day -
I know -
And I know -
And I know -
And I know -
And I know -
And I know -
That you -
Brittny -
Are There.


I made some tea - cold tea -
And mixed in some honey -
And I imbibed from my cup -
And it made my brain funny -

I thought of you -
And before my eyes appeared -
An image -
It was rather queer -

I envisioned us together -
And here am I - miles and miles and miles from you -
Let the cord of love bring us together -
Hunt and sense my soul -
And find me -
And I'll find you - - -

Brittny, I'll find you.


Do you hear those voices?

Do you hear those voices?
What voices?
The ones that plague me in my sleep -
And make me catch my breath -

The ones that cause me to think something strange just happened -
I see them watching me -
I know you're here -

Oh, Brittny -
You are so beautiful.
You were formed beautiful.
Everything about you is simply delicate, exotic, and beautiful.
You are formed so beautifully, sweetly, and delicately. Please, let me -- love you.

I will protect you and guard you -
I will guard your soul -
Just give me your love in return -
And I will guard your soul -- Brittny, oh, Brittny --
Sing into my ear, and kiss my lips and tongue -
I'll embrace you and fondle you, dearest Brittny -


When it's dark outside

When it's dark outside and the world is dim -
And I cry out to all,
Please hear me.

And when they don't hear me -
And when they don't care -
And then I turn to God -
And I cry -
Please hear me.

And God hears me - And God answers me - And He is so patient with me -
So very patient with me -
And God helps me -
Please, if you're reading this -
Know that
God helps me.
God answers me.
God is with me.


Where are the doves?

Where are the doves?
Where are the doves that penetrated my soul?
Where are the doves that perched in my heart -
Where are the doves that kissed my spiritual cheeks?

Give me a hand and help me -
I'll bring you up the ladder -
And I'll hug you as you lie on the ground -
While you cry and weep into my face -

And you will weep and kiss me passionately -
And stare into my eyes -

Brittny -
I love your doves.


The waters of hope fell down from Brittny's eyes -
As a gushing waterfall which fell from the skies -
Looking and dreaming for beautiful highs -
Calling and shouting for ravishing cries -
Brittny, Oh, Brittny, Oh, Brittny, Oh, Why -
Why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why?


First she kissed me gently -
And then she kissed me passionately -
And then she melted into my heart -
Oh, Brittny -
You are sweetness inside my soul. You are sweetness in my heart -
You are the sugar of my heart
You are my soul's honey -
You are -
Health for my being
You are my goodness.


Ice cream

It was a hot day and I was thirsty and sweaty -
And I went to the ice cream shop and I wanted to buy a cone -
But no one was there and the store was closed -
I turned around, disappointed, and I walked back home -
But on my way I found her -- her whom my soul desired --
And I



And I hear the sound of waiting -
And waiting -
And waiting -
And waiting -
And waiting -
And waiting -
And waiting -
And waiting -
And waiting -
And waiting -
And waiting -
And waiting -
And waiting -
And waiting -
And waiting -
And waiting -
And waiting -
And waiting -
And waiting -
And waiting -
And waiting -
And waiting -
And waiting -
And waiting -
And waiting -
And waiting -
And waiting -
And waiting -
And waiting -
And waiting -
And waiting -
And waiting -
And waiting -
And waiting -
And waiting -
And waiting -
And waiting -
And waiting -
And waiting -
And waiting -
And waiting -
And waiting -
And waiting -
And waiting -
And waiting -
And waiting -
And waiting -
And waiting -
And waiting -
And waiting -
And waiting -
And waiting -
And waiting -
And waiting -
And waiting -
And waiting -
And waiting -
And waiting -
And waiting -
And waiting -
And waiting -
And waiting -
And waiting -
And waiting -
And waiting -
And waiting -
And waiting -
And waiting -
And waiting -

And weeping -
And weeping -
And weeping -
And weeping.


Please Also have Mercy on Brittny

I could bargain with you.

Just one word.

And if that failed, then just one look.

And if even that failed, then just one hope --

Just one dream --

Just one spark --

Something -- anything -- to give me a glimmer -- of life -- of hope -- of hope --

I want you to see that there is someone -- for you --

That there is a future --

If only you just come with me --

And -- Oh, Brittny, Why?

Why, Brittny, why?

What is your current state? Please -- please, tender and extraordinarily sweet and delicate woman -- if I were to touch you, I would hope that you would burst into a gentle waterfall -- , please -- please -- please --

talk to me --

I want more than what I have now -- pardon me -- but please -- I have endured this for so long --

please --

Please talk to me.


I wandered the night, and I could not find you.
I ran during the days, and I still did not find you.
I flew in the skies, and I searched for you, and I did not see you.
I buried myself in the seas, and I scouted for you, and I could not find you!
I dug into the center of the earth and came to the middle of the earth, and I did not find you.
I flew to the highest point in the heavens and went to the boundary of the universe, and I

Looked Everywhere and -- I did not see you.

Brittny, please, please, please, come to me.


My hands are crying -- my body weeps -- and my soul mourns --

My blood has turned to ice -- and my spirit languishes --

My heart cries out -- my eyes fail me -- my body decays and turns to dust --

I wallow in the pit of despair.

We all go -- we all go to Sheol.

Please -- are my days already up?

My life is like a shadow. My days are shortened. I live in darkness.

My soul longs for and desires light. My eyes cry out and weep for hope.

My heart melts within me. I am dust. To dust I will return.

And myriads of millenia away, -- I hear faint sounds of bells --

And very far, very faint cries of laughter and noises of joy.

And I think of all the things that could have been.

I wish -- I wished -- I wish -- I wished -- I want something to happen.

Please let me mean something.

Please let me be something.

Take me away.

Take me away, please!

Please, take me away!

I saw him -- the angel of death. I saw his scythe and I saw his black cloak. But my time was not yet.

My body -- it knew I was dying.

Why am I still here? Why do I linger yet on earth? Why am I not dead?

Somehow, and for some reason, I am still alive.

My body groans back into action, like dusty old gears that were used a long time ago. And I weep. And I sob. And I mourn. And I groan, and I shout, and I cry, and I shed more tears, and I yell, and I call, and I sob. And I fall into nonexistence. And I become quieter -- and quieter -- and quieter -- until my voice is no longer heard.

Yet my voice is heard, but it is heard by those who hear me.

Is there anyone in the whole wide world -- please -- please -- please, I gasp, to help me?

Is there anyone here?

Is there anyone ... ?

Is there anyone?

I don't want to die.

Yet am I not alone. But I have been alone. And I wait. And it -- it -- it --

it is not unbearable -- but it's hard.

Why have you treated me this way?

Why have you been mean to me?

Why have you said those things to me?

Why, Why, Why?

Yet I forgive you.

Please, will you please come back to me?

Why am I overlooked? Why am I dismissed? Why do you treat me this way?

Why don't you listen to me?

Why don't you help me?

Give me some hope. Give me love. Give me HOPE -- stare into my eyes -- and give me hope.

Before I go to the realm of the dead, give me hope.

Otherwise, let me die quickly.

Why am I here?

It's always dark here.

Why am I here?

Why am I here?

Why am I here?

Just let me know why.

Just help me.


Insanity reigns.

Please, God, have mercy on me, and grant me the request of my lips.

I'm like a dog. I'm of dust. I am small in your sight. I'm weak. I'm of flesh. I'm pathetic.

Please grant me this small request.

Please, God, please, God, please, God -- answer my prayer. Hear my prayer. Answer me. Don't be silent to me. Don't reject me. Don't turn away from me. Please.


I don't want to be hurt anymore.

Why did you -- and I mean not God, but people -- why did you not help me when I needed help the most?

Why did you ignore me?

Why did you treat me this way?

I cry out in a small, pathetic voice. Why did you hurt me?

And on the day of Judgment, when books are opened --

Please have mercy on me, on that day, -- whenever it is --

And please also have mercy on Brittny --

God --

please also have mercy on Brittny.


From July 2019


I love you.


Baby Britt

Hey Britt -
where are you going?
It's time for us to see -
That you are interested in me.
I am interested in you;
Let's go to an isolated ice pond freezing blue;
I love you Brittny boo.


I kissed her once and twice and thrice -
And then I got close to her nice -
Body -

Where are you?

I blissed her four and five and six times -
Rhymes -- and rhymes -- and rhymes -- and rhymes --
Brittny -- be mine; Brittny -- be mine; Brittny -- be mine; Brittny -- be mine;
Brittny -- you're fine; Brittny -- you're a vine; Brittny -- you're a green, fresh pine; Brittny -- you're magical twine;

Give me a glassy kiss -

Breathe into my heart -

The gentlest phrase on earth;

Dine with me until I depart --

Our lips will never part --

Cry -- into my heart --

Come with me alone --

"I love you," sweet and quietly --

And footfalls quietly hum on the grassy, enfoliaged earth --

I saw you kissing me --

Your feet, so tender, so white --

Brittny, your heart so pure --

Cry into my heart --

I will absorb all your pain --

Kiss me on the lips --

Let me take your strain --

Hug me by and by --

See me to the end --

There, until I die --

You'll always be my friend --

I wish for you and I --

(No one quite knows how it'll end ) --

To be in such a deserted place --

( Once upon a time ) --

Let us recreate what was supposed to be --

( Brittny, Once upon a time ) --

A song for you and me --

Brittny, you and I.


Your heart is made of love --

And every -- golden -- strand --

Enters my heart and soul --

And kisses me -- on the -- hand --

And once upon a time -- We finally can see -- --

You alone, and you with me -- --

We're always alone and free.


I kissed her seven times in a row
And she gasped and blushed and smiled at me
And went home dreaming of me and our kiss
And lived in bliss -- and lived in bliss --
And how I miss -- And how I miss --
And how I miss -- Her --

I have an empty part of my soul --
Shaped perfectly -- of her --
Oh, Brittny, Brittny, Britt, Britt baby --
Give me, give me, more.


Her hands are my hands;
Her feet, my feet;
And her hair, my hair;
And her heart my heart;
And her soul my soul;

She lives inside me --
And I live inside her.


I find interest in her eyes and nose and lips
And tears and fears and hopes and dreams --
I love her when she kisses me and when she beams and gleams --
She gleams -- with sparkles -- and flashes with glitter --
The glitter of her heart and soul --
The fluorescence of her mind;

And candy for my heart and soul and eyes --
Her neverending cries.


Bring it to me -- forever --
Your dreams and diaries and autobiography --
Your tears inscribed inside a book -- by the wax and the flame of candlelight --
Your tears --
My tears --
By the flicker of fire at midnight --
Brittny, walk outside into the grass and look at the stars --
And watch the moon --
And blow me a kiss --
And hope to God it reflects off the moon and is sent toward me --
Because wherever you go, I go;
And wherever you have tread, I have tread;
Quiet feet padding along --
So that I can sing my song --

So that I can sing my song --
Your feet have sung to me the story of the world.
Your legs have brought me to the end of the universe.
Your belly has told me what it means to be hungry.
And your neck has told me what it is like to be weak.
Your arms have allowed me to understand what it means to be human --
And your shoulders have taught me what it means to be you.
And your eyes have given me the understanding of your life.

Oh, Brittny, Brittny, Brittny --

So much love -- so much love -- so much love -- send me your light.


Why Sigh?

I licked your ear and you caressed my belly --
Tell me -- tell me -- tell me -- tell me --
WHY --

Tell me -- tell me -- tell me -- tell me --




Tickle me pink when I'm an icicle in a sink
And then I'll think of you;
Tickle me red until you're in my head --
Well, that happens when I'm ice-blue.


Drink from the lake

Drink from the lake
Slake my thirst;
I want you to know --
These waters of love --
Are ever-flowing and eternal, ever-filling, ever fruitful.


What about me?

Brittny, you have plenty of love for yourself
And you have love for your family,
But, Brittny -
     What about me?

We walked through narrow gorges -
Very close to the sea;
All the times I called your name -
Brittny, what about me?

I kissed you through the fabric of spirituality
And called your name with tears;
Listening for a cry from you, Brittny -
And as blue rivers gush and swell -
Brittny, what about me?

Time is trickling forward -
I heave and sigh and I be -
I love you with the heart I have -
Brittny, think of me.

I wish for you to be my friend -
Oh, please, girl - can you see?
All the thoughts I've had for you -
All the love I've drunk for you -
All the grief I've borne for you -
Brittny, why are you lonely?

And all the tears I've shed for you -
Brittny, what about me?

And all the words I've said for you - and the deeds I've done for you - And the love I have shown you - And all the kisses I've blown you - And all the deaths I've died for you - And all the tears I've cried for you - And all the wishing I've done for you - And all the despairing cry I've cried for millenia -

Oh, Brittny -





Marry Me, Brittny

Please marry me while I recharge --
I know you know what I mean;
I vaguely see you through a sheen
of love and hope and green;

I send you messages all the time -
I know you know my name;
Please marry me while I recharge -
I'll love you to the scene.


Dear, dear, Brittny -
Blue-flowered dresses and golden-hued lipstick -
I stare at you in awe and love you yet more deeply -
Oh, Brittny, golden beauty - give me your beauty.

You looked at me with those large, beautiful eyes
And I drank your tears -
I can bear your burdens -
I do bear your burdens;
Every day and every night;
I sing songs for you and I come to the light;
I love you and kiss you and carry you to heaven -
(Fall asleep in my arms - )
Oh, Brittny -
I'll keep you safe and away from all harms.

You crumpled in my arms - you fell into me -
You sobbed pathetically onto me and poured out your heart to me -
I hugged you and kissed you and loved you and blissed you -
Brittny, I know what you want to be -
Brittny, I know what you want to be.




Remote Love

No matter where you are --
And no matter where I am;
I will always love you -
And weep, and groan, and sigh, and ultimately die.
Whether I'm way up in the Arctic Circle and you're at the southern tip of Chile -
or you're at the bottom of the sea and I am lost in a snowstorm blizzard avalanche at the peak of a Himalayan mountain -
or even if you're dead and I still linger here on earth -
I'll still love you;
or even if I'm barely surviving in a wilderness forest in Alaska and you're living well and you're intelligent and you're a biologist and you're making money and you can hold a job -
I'll still love you;
or even if I'm dying or isolated or going insane or tears are pouring down my face and you're living in the city and getting smarter every day and working hard - and even if you don't think about me at all - and even if you have completely forgotten about me - and even if I have been completely erased from your mind and heart -
I'll still love you;
And even if I don't exist anymore -
I'll still love you.


I took one of my tears and I examined it.
And there was joy in the tear, and there was grief.
And it said to me, "Why are you doing this to me?"
"What about me?"

"What about me?"


"What about me?"



Long-distance Love

I tried all the phone numbers that existed until you finally picked up -
I kissed you through space and I finally achieved a stroke of luck.
I tried to say hello but you had already hung up;
Then you changed your phone number so I didn't know it again.

So the next day I tried all the phone numbers again until you picked up again -
And this time I said, "Brittny, please don't hang up;"
"Please talk to me, even just a little bit."
And you paused and you hesitated and you heaved a big sigh -
And you hung up and you changed your phone number to a number that was inaccessible by me.

So then the next day I asked everyone around me and all my neighbors if they had ever heard of you,
And I asked everyone in the state and everyone in the country until I found a person who knew where you were,
So I went to your doorstep and rung the doorbell -
And you answered the door and you looked at my face -
And you sighed - and you SIGHED - and you slammed the door in my face.

So then the next day I went to your house again and it was barricaded and padlocked and the doorbell was removed;

So I sat on your doorsteps and waited for you to come home.

And when you came to your house, you saw me and called the police

And when the police came and asked me what I was doing, I said to the police, "I love her."

And the police said to me, "Have you been harassing her?"

And I said to the police, "If love poems and gifts and kind words and desperation and grief and love-strickenness and groaning count as harassing her, then yes."

The police turned to her and heaved a sigh, and said to her, "Why did you call us?"

And she --

And she --

And she --

Said --




You are not alone

I feel better and the waves of grief --
Cover me like a blanket in sleep.

The sensual nights, the intoxicating nights --
full of passionate intensity, and the wind rushing by --
the colors and the sounds and the lights and the waves --
The falling water and the bounds and the flights and the caves --

The shining silver days, the golden-yellow days --
The bleary, shining seasick days, the prison-laden days --

It gave me a meaning I refused to let go --
They say not to run wherever you go --

I want you to know -- I want you to know -- I want you to know -- You are not alone.


What said that man?

What said the man who jumped across the lake?
What said the man who fell from a building ten stories tall?
What said the man who haunted your dreams at night?
What said the man who killed himself?
What said the man who burned fire into your eyes?
What said that man who cried and fried a lollipop in an oven?

What said that man?


What you ever could be, again --
Tell me you love me, again --
Fry me, kiss me, bliss me, hold me -- Hope for me --
Wait for me --
Tell me --
Tell me --
Tell me --

Again -- and again -- and again -- and again -- and again!

Ten thousand ways to fry my insides!
Eleventy-seven times to dye myself blue.
A hundred thousand kisses on your blue cheeks --
And seventy million wishes -- to make you happy again.

Amazing how we see this! Amazing how we do --
Completely kissed and miss-ed; Another time we're true.

Now we understand now! Tell me how it went;
I can steam your wishes; Just shell me "wow it sent".


A smoking mirror showed me a blazing gun
In my right palm;

Five million celebrations for seventy ones --
Told me the mission of your balm.

A tornado has struck me! A babbling rock is true;

A fire-cyclone has whacked me; A talking snake is you.

Now you can see clearly -- hold onto it, friend;
Because if you're not careful -- it'll haunt you again.



I talked to your guardian angel yesterday.
He told me that you were sleeping.
So I walked up to you and I kissed you while you were sleeping.

You woke up, pleasantly surprised, and your smiled into my eyes.
And then you breathed into me and emitted butterflies.

I harpooned a butterfly and put it in your mouth --
You licked it and you ate it and you allowed it to go south --
You licked it and you ate it and you let it, let it go south.


Why I flew away on the morning of December Nineteenth

I told you everything I knew.

I wished you to be happy.

And I wish you to come back to me.

And I wish you to be free, Brittny;

I wish you ever so much to be free.


The Poet Yearns For the Things of the Past and Looks Towards the Future while Reminiscently Hoping for Nonexistent Particles to Attack His Soul

Okay, okay, okay! I heard you! I'm done!
(I went to leaky faucets and cauldrons and told them that they'd won.)
Okay, okay, okay! Whatever! I'm through!
(I went the next morning to kiss her till she went koo-koo.)
I pickled the cucumbers! I iced the lake fish!
I've eaten my basil and I've diced up the tomato dish!

Wish for me, Brittny; Wish and Wish and Wish!
Wish and Wish and Wish and Wish and Wish and Wish and Wish!

I took your lips in my hands and I licked them with my tongue --
I sang a somber song -- I fell into a ditch --
I drowned in a pool -- I broke a leg in a well -
I know that you have a beautiful story to tell -
I know that you have a wonderful story to tell -
I kissed your beauty and I hummed until tears fell -
I hummed and hummed and hummed -- until your tears fell.

(And then we call for wishes; And then we call for blues;
And then we call for visions; And then we call for news;

And then we call for sighing; And then we call for time;
And then we call for crying; And then we call for -- "Dine."


Canticles of Grief

Alas, my father! And -- Alas, my mother! It happened only today;
I was walking by the ocean --
And I fell into a fray;
I was looking for a fish and --
Little did I realize --
It was jumping around the sandshore --
And was happily coming wise --

I told it to knock its head off --
To get its priorities straight;
It listened not and jumped into my mouth --
Well, that worked out anyway.


Let's do Drugs

"Let's do drugs";
So we did;
We got high and our brains got happy, but our hearts got sad;
Our eyes got stoked, but our souls got mad -

I kissed a crystal wish and I blew it into the sky --
Brittny, Brittny, Brittny, Brittny, Brittny, Brittny, why?


I know this gives you great pleasure to hear -
The following formal words spoken:
"To be Continued."

I know this gives you great trepidation to hear -
The following crystalline words uttered:
"Particle Down."

I know this gives you great meaning and hope to hear -
The saying declared:
"Kissing bliss."

I know this gives you great sorrow to bring it near -
The action borrowing -
"Blissing wish."

What had happened when we died? When we cried? When we -- "Why'd"?
And seriously deathing -- and happily flying --
What in the world had happened outside the world?
What in the universe had occurred beyond it?
Just kidding! We're done! No, we're not. Hey, what are you saying?
I knew that skin was to be a-flaying;
It was food for thought, and thought for food;
I kissed you and blissed you and sexed you -- in the nude.

We got "whoo'd."
We got "two'd."
We got "zoo'd."
Hey, I owed you'd!
We got -- nude.

Hey ---



Blueberry Hills

The landscape of your body --
The contour of your breasts;
The hilly garden of your belly --
The forest of your neck;
The searching gaze you offer me --
The wild, wild sex --
The woman that you are for me --
The times we ever met.



Room eleven is taken -
So try room seventeen;
Be sure to understand what I do and do not mean;
Forever undertaken;
Forever pierced my spleen;
Forever hoping, waiting;
Forever my crystal-queen.


Slice open my kidney -
dissect the organ and examine the contents;
Incise the heart bittersweet -
And drink from the purple potion -

Transform into a wolf and howl at time of the full moon -

I'll hear your call wherever you are and sing lullabic tunes;

I here stand amongst the garden of forgotten ruins;
I ponder alone in the forest of all our humiliated doings;
I wonder and blunder and wander and think of you, then;
I sing and grieve and poetrize and think of you, then.


He feels nothing anymore.
But he sees what he ought.

He feels something - a ticking -
the beating of his heart -

he comes back from the dead and says to those - the smart -
Good luck, my friends - good luck, you all -
I'm falling into parts.


I refused to die

I dully sang with you -
And hope into the sky -
A wand drops from the heavens -
And hits me in the eye -

I ate the bread unleavened;
I crushed the ice cube dry;
I smacked the waiter on the head -
I refused to die;

I took a ragged breath -
I cast a stone into the "Why" -
And looking up I shouted loud -
[I refuse to die].


Deep under the earth -
There is a burning -
There is a place of fire -
Right inside your breast;

If you look into the scope -
You can see me waving -
I crystally-gleamed into the zoom -
And frantically put down the paving.


What happened?

What happened?

(Forest seventeen;)

What happened?

(Bevels and slices of lean)

What happened?

(Mysterious manacled mean)

What happened?

(Malevolent meticulous me).

Bottled fear over time
Was not good for me -
It crushed me and hurt me -
And nearly killed me.
Truth set me free.


From August 2019

So tell me

(So tell me)
What it is that you want
(So tell me)
And make sure to drink from the fount
(So tell me)
I'll wish your dream and you kiss the haunt;
(So tell me)
To bliss the scrawled font -
(So tell me:
Taunt, taunt, taunt.)