There exists a phenomenon at colleges, a poison in the atmosphere that affects the minds of those who enter the college grounds -
what I'll call the evil collegiate influence - the fact that the students there want to pleasure themselves, and go to parties, whether they called themselves
Christians or atheists, believers or nonbelievers, atheists or idolaters, pagans or deists... many wanted to get drunk, party, fornicate,
and that's what many did; and many did not want to study books and learn and gain knowledge and intelligence and actually
do what they were supposed to do, and so they did not study books and learn - the whole reason why they paid thousands of dollars a semester, they wasted -
a lot of those students spent that money and wasted a time when they could have been gaining so much intelligence, and wasted it,
becoming addicted to alcohol, destroying their minds, bodies, and lives, getting STDs, imposing on themselves humiliating what they call
initiation rituals to join a collegiate fraternity or sorority, and enslaving themselves physiologically and mentally.
This is the utmost foolishness.
And they call themselves wise, perhaps, and perhaps they even try to get YOU to do what they do, and if you don't,
they either think you are strange, or speak badly of you, or try to pressure you into doing what they do, or call you a hypocrite, or call you wicked...
all sorts of things they might make up. Learn to resist this. Understand that you can decide to DO something different than everyone else does.
Just because the entire class full of students doesn't take notes in a college class, because they think "We're in college now, so we don't need to take notes"-
does that mean you need to not take notes? Does that mean somehow it's wrong if you take notes? No.
Now, they might think you're doing wrong. Perhaps because their consciences have been perverted. Some college students actually might think
that saying thank you to someone is wrong. This is what a perverted society does to people. See through this. Don't do wickedness.
Fear God, and fearing God means you stop getting drunk, you stop having sex outside of marriage, you reject homosexuality,
you stop going to drunken parties, you stop lying, you stop believing in macroevolution, you start reading the Bible, you start working hard,
studying hard, learning hard, using your mind to think, and speaking the truth and doing right. Fearing God means you hate evil.

Oftentimes atheists will take anything a Christian does slightly wrong and capitalize on it, and say that "Look what religion has done to such an intelligent person. It enslaves him", when
the whole time a simple correction in God's word is what's needed.
Because I live by God's Word, I learn to avoid lying, and fornication, and drunkenness, and lies other people tell me, and adultery, and murder, and stealing, and sexual immorality, and laziness, and covetousness, and using God's name without reverence; I learn to honor my parents, and work hard, and have reasonable discussions with others, and avoid outbursts of anger.
I avoid getting sexually transmitted diseases, and I avoid getting my brain, mind, body and life destroyed by abuse of drugs, and I avoid company of others whom I know will be a bad influence on me.
So Christians need to be innocent as doves, and wise as serpents, as Jesus says.
We need to be shrewder than the world is. We need to have all bases in our lives covered to make it much more difficult for the atheist to say, "Look how his religion has enslaved him!"
Because true religion does not enslave people; it sets people free.
We know that we can learn about the world and do righteousness and live rightly and also contently because we have the truth.