Understanding women.
Physical fitness is a nice plus. Intelligence is a nice touch. Knowledge is a great add-on. Ultimately, a woman desires to be loved. To be desired. To be jealously protected, to be jealously loved. With all of her man's heart.

Genesis 3:16 (ESV)
To the woman he said, "I will surely multiply your pain in childbearing; in pain you shall bring forth children. Your desire shall be contrary to your husband, but he shall rule over you."
1. A woman wants to be listened to.
2. A woman wants honesty in her man.
3. A woman wants to be a very important part of her man's life.
4. A woman wants no other woman to be in her man's life. She wants to be the only woman her man "has eyes for." She doesn't want any other woman even to be mentioned.
5. A woman wants him to have trust in her.
6. A woman wants to share her memories and pleasant experiences with her man, and wants her man to share his memories and pleasant experiences with her.
7. A woman wants to be understood.
8. A woman wants to be cared for, both emotionally and reinforced through action.
9. A woman needs attention from her husband.
10. A woman needs to be loved by her husband.
11. A woman wants affection and reassurance.
12. Mental intelligence and physical strength in a man may be seen as attractive by a woman.
13. Compassion.
14. Financial, physical, and emotional security. A woman wants to feel safe when she is with her man.
15. She wants a man who can make her feel good about herself.
16. She likes small, thoughtful gifts, such as a cute note that says that you love her, or handmade trinkets.
17. She wants truthful speech and confidence, as well as decisive action; in short, she wants a MAN; not a wimp, not an effeminate weakling, and not hypocrisy, and not desperateness.
18. Men are men and women are women. God made two separate genders.
Gen 1:27 (ESV) So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.
19. She wants trustworthiness.
20. She does not want over-possessiveness. She does want protection, though, and a certain amount of jealous protection, and a man who is ready to physically defend her if need be.
21. She may want to be excited and impressed by the man's intelligence, knowledge, physical fitness, and love. That is, if the man is blunt and hard in his speaking and manner all the time, emotional fulfillment and love is lacking. If the man is always too soft and always emotional to the point where necessary tasks are not accomplished, then practical needs are not fulfilled.
Both are necessary and a balance must be struck.
22.A woman also may like a challenge, i.e. a man who is difficult to capture emotionally. However, if the man continues to be unresponsive emotionally, she may eventually become uninterested and give up.
So it is clear that a man who throws himself at a woman-- that action is unappealing to a woman.
The man needs to lead the wife, and not the wife leading the husband.

23. She wants a man who takes risks (I say, that are right and not wrong.) Love-- true love, as described in 1 Corinthians 13-- takes risks.
24. The man can and should initiate conversations.
25. Compliments are helpful.
26. A man whose mind is not in the gutter but whose mind is in the right place, and a man who has good sense, is attractive.
27. A man who stays up to help his wife when his wife is not feeling good, is attractive to her.
28. A man who gives her thanks and appreciates her.
29. Being hygienic.
30. Don't force a woman to do something, breaking her emotionally or mentally or physically. That is wrong. Don't be mean or rude to her.
31. Communicate, express, and sympathize with your wife.
32. A woman wants to adore her man for the way he makes her feel.
33. A woman does not want a man who is being fake.
34. A woman does not want a selfish man who is thinking about himself and talking about himself all the time.
35. Holding open the door, smiling and being kind, talking about good, pure, right things, asking her to eat lunch and paying for her meal and the entire meal, carrying her books, driving her around, all are good to do.
36. Do not confuse a woman. Have your path set in fearing God, turning away from evil and doing righteousness in God's sight, that is, the God who is described in the Bible.
37. Keep your promises.
37. She wants a happy family.
38. A woman naturally wants to have children. Take a huge warning if she says she does not want to have children. Something is clearly wrong in such a case.
39. Pay attention to the specific things your wife might want. Perhaps she likes road trips, movies, or small towns, or gardening. Set time to do that with her.
40. A woman might act "insanely" if she is infatuated with you.
That is, she may blush more, her heart may beat faster, she may stare at you secretly and then blush, or laugh harder at what you say.

41. If a woman blushes when you speak tenderly to her, it shows she has some good, at least, in her.
42. A woman may indeed be faithful to a man if she sees that he indeed will be faithful to her to old age and to the end. Not always, though. For men: Choose a wife wisely. (Prov 31)
43. For a husband: Find good things to say about your wife, rather than putting her down and being negative. That's asking for a damaged, bad relationship. Instead of wrong, show love and kindness.
44. A woman may want to be like a princess, and treated like a princess.
45. A woman wants to be the priority of her man.
Things a woman might think, feel, or say: "I want to tell you everything but am scared of your reaction."
"We don't have logic behind everything so please don't ask for it! Please do something for us if we ask you like buy a stuffed toy, don't laugh or make fun of her or think she's weird."
Women also may think about something a man does to or for her, such as an act of giving, or says to her a tender word, for the next few minutes or even up until when she goes to bed at night.
Other statements I have seen: "A woman wants a strong connection to feel you. She wants to know you completely and understand you (where 'you' is her man). She wants to be able to talk to you about everything and about nothing. Encourage her and be her biggest supporter, her closest friend."
Tell the truth, don't push it or force it, and don't pursue a woman if she doesn't want to be pursued.
A woman might hint at something she wants from a man but she doesn't like to say it. Understand. Act in righteousness and not wickedness, hating evil.
A woman likes holding hands with you because that means you protect her even in public and honor her.
A woman is forgiving, but don't use this to say 'I'm going to do what I want and sin and fornicate', because that is wicked and evildoers and the sexually immoral will be punished by God.
A woman might test a man to see how he reacts.